church 1 14 008Kari has always been interested in communicating with the deaf.  After taking classes at a local college, continued with further instruction by attending a theological-based training for religious signing at the Church Interpreters Training Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana (Church Interpreter Training Institute).  She realizes this is a long process to learn this special language but is currently offering a interpreted service the first Sunday of each month as well as requested special services.

We welcome all people to worship with us here at Holy Trinity.  If you are interested in worshiping with us, please contact the church office 860-582-0723 or Pastor Kotila for more information.


Rev. Tim Eckert – Lutheran Deaf Mission Society Director

A video message from past president Rev. Konkel

Deaf People and the Gospel

The heart language of the Deaf community in the United States is American Sign Language (ASL). ASL is the language of worship for Deaf people. The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has had indigenous deaf churches that communicate the Gospel in ASL since 1894.

In 1994 it was estimated that approximately ninety percent of Deaf people in the United States did not attend church. This was, in part, due to the limited number of indigenous deaf churches. In 2009 the estimate has risen to ninety-eight percent.

In 1994 we had we had sixty-one indigenous deaf churches in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and a number of interpreted ministries. The number of full-time pastors serving indigenous deaf churches has decreased since 1994. To see our churches in North America click on Directory (indigenous churches in bold).

While the number of full-time pastors serving Deaf churches has decreased, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has seen an increase in the number of Deaf pastors, deacons, deaconesses, and lay leaders who use ASL to communicate the Gospel message. This has happened because of programs like Deaf Pah and the Deaf Institute of Theology. We praise God that He continues to use His people to share the love of Jesus with Deaf and hard of hearing people.