• Junior high consists of grades 6 through 8

  • Senior high consists of confirmed youth grades 9 through 12

  • Our youth participate in many service activities

  • Leaf raking, Christmas carol singing to our shut ins, Mother’s Day Corsages, Christmas Bazaar, annual outdoor spring cleanup, Superbowl grinders, food drives, Serving for the Sauerkraut supper, Bible foods coffee hour, and bottle drives.

2-5-11 Holy Trinity Grinder Prep-7   food pantry KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4295 IMG_2617 (2013_12_28 17_11_52 UTC) IMG_2622 IMG_2632church nbanners 014 church nbanners 018 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


This is our VBS quilt. It was designed to have a cross in the center.  Each square forming the cross has a  name of Jesus with a picture to go with it.  The VBS kids, junior and senior high youth kids and some adults did the cross squares. Roze Stockman sewed  the top of the quilt.  Kathy Wollenberg machine quilted it. It will be on display at our church for a while, then it will be on display at the Orphan Grain Train warehouse in Terryville and then back to our church for 2015 VBS. After that it will be donated to Orphan Grain Train.




The Youth also fellowship together in bible study and FUN activities, like sledding, bowling, phaserball, laser tag, kickball (yearly tradition), skating, corn maze, Movie Night, TACO IN A BAG! ,  Whirley Ball, go carts and mini golf to name a few….


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