Welcome to Christian Education at Holy Trinity…

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          The primary place for Christian Education or Instruction (catechesis) is in worship (Divine Service) where God’s Word is proclaimed. 


We desire to be faithful to Jesus’ call to grow in His grace and knowledge, training and equipping people—young and old—for discipleship—to follow Jesus.  So, Jesus calls us to “continue in [His] Word” (Jn. 8:31) and to hold fast to it.  Our mission, therefore, is to offer additional opportunities for all to come and hear, to learn about and to know Jesus as the world’s only Savior—to make and nurture disciples.

  Knowing Jesus and making Him known is what we’re all about!



Sunday Morning Opportunities to Grow in the Word – 10:30—11:30AM  (Sep. – May):

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Click HERE for a video by our Synod President, Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison on Children and the Word of God!


  Sunday School for children ages 3 through junior high from 10:30-11:30AM. 

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Bible Study for senior high-ers  

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Pastor’s Adult Bible Study

Sunday Morning Bible Study at 10:45 (September – May)

Midweek Bible Studies  (September – May)

  • ·        Wednesdays at 10:00AM 

  • ·        Thursdays at 6:15PM  

Instruction for Church Membership  (Catechesis or Confirmation Instruction)

  • ·        Junior Confirmation Class  –  Tuesdays from 6:30—7:30PM  (3 year instruction) 

  • ·        Adult Confirmation Class  –  Thursdays from 7:00—8:00PM  (10-14 week class)   

Adult Confirmation Instruction serves as an inquiry or refresher class to learn what Lutherans believe.

Who is JESUS?? click here